Why should I choose you over the other photographers I've found?

Ultimately, finding a photographer that you 'click' with is the most essential thing and even if that photographer isn't me, I want that for you.  If you are looking for a photographer that shoots off of a complex list of 'must-have' shots, I may not be the best choice for you.  If you are looking for the most affordable photographer, you may not value what I want to give you.  If you are hoping to have a photographer that just does the shooting and hands over a disc for you to play with, I am not your girl. What I AM is a photographer that offers you a genuine, beautiful experience, that will give you imagery you will look back on and feel the feelings all over again.  I will give you my very best.  If this sounds like a good fit...  I am anxious to create something amazing with you.


Can I just buy a disc of the images?

Every session I offer includes digital files.  When my clients spend the time and money to commission art of themselves and those they treasure, I believe those portraits should be displayed beautifully and in the highest quality possible.  There is nothing so powerful as a wall gallery in a home that is filled with the love and rich emotion of true relationship.  But it's also wonderful to have those images to showcase on your computer, holiday greetings and personal scrapbooks.


How do I order pictures after our session?

You will come in to the studio for your order appointment to review your images with me and place your final order in person! Sip a glass of wine or nurse of cup of tea and work with me to narrow down your favorites and see all of the awesome products in person. Your order will be ready for pick-up or delivery within 4 weeks of purchase!


Will you post images to social media sites?

Yes indeed (IF that is what you want)! During or directly after your session, I will post an image or two on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  After your order appointment, I place a highlight of your favorite images onto Facebook.  I frequently add your images to my latest blog post, as well. I love showing off my amazing clients but I also respect your privacy, should you choose to keep your portraits personal!


Will you take payments if I want more than I have in my budget?

Of course. I offer simple, interest-free payment plans when requested.